Tanjung Puting National Park, home of Orangutan

Located at Kotawaringin Barat District, Central Kalimantan Tengah Province, Tanjung Puting National Park is known worldwide as a home for Orangutan  (Pongo pygmaeus), the great apes in the world. Today, there are hundreds of them living in this tropical rain forest. The forest is also a habitat other primates such as bekantan (Nasalis larvatus), lutung (Presbytis cristata), beruk (Macaca nemestrina), hundred species of orchids and birds, mammals, etc.

Tanjung Puting National Park has become favourite destination for wild life adventure in the country. The local as well as tourists from abroad come to the park mostly to have a great experience to see rrang utan. Camp Leakay is the place where people can see orang utan at feeding time. The place is built for research and adolescent and semi-wild orang-utan rehabilitation program. It offers orangutan feeding program which is very attractive for visitors. From the capital city of Kotawaringin Barat District, Pangkalan Bun, the place can be reached by boat (a hour) or wooden ship (4 hours).

Other sites available are :

Tanjung Harapan and Sekonyer Village : suitable for ecotourism activities. Facilities available are Information centre, guest house, observation tower. Feeding orang utan program is in the afternoon. The place is about 90 minutes from Kumai by boat.

Pesalat Reforestation Area : program available is conservation and education program. Other program offered is planting and adopting trees. Camping ground is also available in this site. The place is about 20 minutes from Tanjung Harapan.

Pondok Tanggui : The place is designated for adolescent and semi-wild orang utan rehabilitation program. Feedeng program is at 9 PM daily. The place is bout 60 minutes from Pesalat.

Buluh Besar and Buluh Kecil River : The rivers are located in the heart of the park. They are black like water. In this site, there are seasonal lake which is attractive for water birds and migrants to breed. The place can be reached by klotok (wooden ship) at about 3 hours journey.

Cabang river : The place offers a beautiful sandy beach. Visitors can also enjoy traditional fishing. The beach is very important nesting place for turtles such as green turtles and scale turtles.


Visitors activities : orang utan feeding program, flora and fauna sightseeing, camping


How to get there :

Take fligt from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun.

To go to the sites you have to take boat or Klotok (wooden ship) from Kumai Harbour. The harbour is about 15 km from Pangkalan Bun.


Best time of year visit : throughout the year


Contact :

Tanjung Puting National Park

Jl. HM. Rafií Km. 2

Pangkalan Bun 74112, Kalimantan Tengah

Telp./Fax. +62-532-23832

Website : http://www.tanjungputingnationalpark.com

E-mail : btntp@yahoo.com


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