Baluran National Park

Grassland (savanna) alike African is here, in Baluran National Park!…

Baluran consists of various type of Indonesian ecosystems, hence the park is called as the microcosm of Indonesian forest ecosystem. The ecosystems vary from coastal forest, mangrove forest, salt water forest, savanna, mountainous rain forest, monsoon forest, seagrass and coral reef. Mount Baluran (1,247 meters) is an inactive volcano which sits at the edge of the Bali sea.

Baluran is well known as a home for big mammalia such as the Javanese wild ox, Rusa deer, Barking deer, Feral water buffalo, Asiatic wild dog, including rare species the Javan panther. A quite number of bird species also lives in the park such as the green jungle fowl, the red jungle fowl, the Javanese peacock, etc. Monkeys, lizards, squires, palm civet, Javan warty pig also live in the park.

The savanna which covers 40% of the park is a grassing place for animals such as Javanese wild ox, water buffalo and Javan rusa.

Visitor activities :

Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities such as outbound, Safari rides, forest trek, bird watching, camping, mountain hiking, climbing. The beach is a good place for rowing, boating, canoeing, snorkelling and diving.

Best seasons to visit : June to November every year

How to get there

From Surabaya, take a bus heading to Situbondo via the north coastal road (about 5 – 6 hours drive) or take a railway heading to Banyuwangi and take another 1 hour drive to Situbondo.

From Bali, take a bus heading to Banyuwangi

Contact :

Baluran National Park Office

Jl. Raya Situbondo-Banyuwangi Desa Wonorejo, Kec. Banyuputih Kab. Situbondo.

Phone : +62333-461650
Fax : +62333-463864.

website :

e-mail :


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