Teluk Cendrawasih National Park, The Largest Marine National Park in Indonesia

Teluk Cenderawasih National Park represents the coral reef, marine, mangrove and terrestrial tropical rain forest ecosystem in Papua,the eastern province of Indonesia.The park is the largest marine national park of which 89,8% of its area is marine. The park is very rich in fish species (209 sp) including butterflyfish, angelfish, damselfish, parrotfish,rabbitfish and anemonefish. It has a significant species of coral reef (150 sp) which scatters on the shores of 18 big and small islands within the park. The percentage of living coral reef varies from 30,  40% to 65,64%. Generally, they are divided into two zona, reef flat and reef slope. The park is a home for moluca such as cypraea spp, Lambis spp, Conus spp, Chaonia tritonis and Tridacna gigas, turtles such as  Eretmochelys imbricata, Chelonia mydas, Lepidochelys olivaceae, Dermochelys coriacea, and mammals such as Dugong dugon, Balaenoptera musculus,Birgus latro,dolphins, sharks and whales. Above all, some natural phenomenon can also be found in the park such as caves, hot water resources in Misowaar Island and 100 feet underwater cave in Tanjung Mangguar Island. Wendesi, Wasior, and Yomber are some places where visitor can see treasures from the 18th century. Visitors come to Yende in Roon Island to see Bible which was published in 1898.

Interesting sites and activities :

Rumberpon island : birdwatching,snorkel, diving

Nusrowi island : snorkel, diving, fauna safari

Mioswaar island : hot springwater, waterfall, snorkel, diving, cultural attractions

Yoop and Windesi : whale shark and dolphins

Roon island : bird watching, snorkel, diving, waterfall, old church, cultural attractions

 Best time to visit : May until October

How to get there : Take a flight from Jakarta or Surabaya or Denpasar to Biak. Take another flight from Biak to Manokwari or Nabire. From Manokwari take longboat (5,5 hours) to Rumberpon island or take a 3 hour drive to Ransiki, followed by motorboat (2,5 hour).

Contact Office :

Teluk Cendrawasih National Park Office

Jl. Trikora Wosi Rendani, Kotak Pos 229

Manokwari 98312, Papua Barat

Telp. +62986212212

Fax. +62986212437

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Manusela National Park

Located on Seram island in the Maluku archipelago of Indonesia, Manusela was decreed as national park in  1997. Covering an area of 189.00 hectare, Manusela National Park consists of various ecosystem types such as lowland swamp forest, riverbank vegetation, lowland forest, montane forest, beach formation and elfin/moss forest. The park is habitat for 196 bird species including the Eclectus Parrot, Purple-naped Lory, Salmon-crested Cokcatoo, Lazuli Kingfisher, Gery-necked Friarbird, Moluccan King Parrot, Bicoloured White-ey and Black-chinnned Monrach. Out of 24 mammals, 8 are endemic including rusa (cervus timorensis moluccensis), kuskus (phalanger orientaslis), soa-soa (hydrosaurus amboinensis), Seram Bandicoot and Moluccan Flying Fox. Additionally, 46 reptile species (3 endemic), 8 amphibia (2 endemic), 90 insect species (2endemic) have also been recorded in the park. Flora which can be found in the park including mengerawan( Hopea sp), linggua (Pterocarpus indikus) , matoa(Pometia pinnata). Kanari (Canarium  indicus), Nyatoh (Palaquium spp), Ketapang hutan (Terminalia copelandii),   tapak kuda (Ipomoea pescaprae), rumput jara-jara (Spinifex littoralis), ketapang (Terminalia catapa), ect. Tourist attractions

Binaiya is a mountain with height of 3.027 m above sea levels offering challenging for climbing lovers.

Other activities : caving, bird watching, crocodile watching, butterfly watching, snorkeling, diving, jungle tracking

How to get there

Flight to Ambon. Take ferry from Ambon to Masohi (8 hours), take a bus from Masohi to Saka (north route)

Take ferry from Ambon to Masohi followed by 9 hour journey by boat to Tehoru. From Tohero, take another boat to Moso or Saunulu Village.


Manusela National Park Office

Jl. Kelang No. 1 Masohi – Maluku Tengah

Telp./Fax. +62(914)22164

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