Bali Barat National Park, A Home of The Near Extinct “Jalak Bali”

Laying in the north western side of Bali island, Bali Barat National Park is an important habitat for the endemic and near extinct bird species, Jalak Bali/Bali Myne (Luecopsar rothschildi). Historically, it was the Germany biologist, Dr. Baron Sressman who accidentally landed his Maluku II Expedition ship to this island. During his stay di Singaraja for 3 months, he found the Bali Starling as his research specimen in Bubunan Villages.Following, Dr. Baron Viktor von Plesen did his study intensively on this bird species which was said only live in Bubunan Villave untuk Gilimanuk (320 Km2). In order to preserve the bird, the area was then decreed as Nature Park in 1947. The park is not only important for the Bali Myne. It is also a home for 105 aves species, 120 fish species, 7 mammal species, 2 reptile species, etc.  The park which cover 19.002 hectare comprises of  15.587 hectare (terrestrial area) and 3.145 hectare (marine area). Mangrove forest, monsoon forest, river rain forest, coral reef, deep and shallow marine, lowland forest,etc. form the ecosystem of the park.

Tourist Attractions

Bird watching Tour with 4 choices spots : (1). Mangrove : is very necessary area for type of birds which is life in water, like kingfisher family, parrot, stork, egrets, tattler, herons, terns, other scaffolding bird and pelagic, (2) .Savannah: this grassland is necessary area for starling family, kingfisher, coucals, bee-eater, nighjar, alap-alap, pipit, weavers, java sparrows, swallow, wood-swallow, parrots and the other birds (3) Monsson Forest: is necessary area for forest pigeon bird, woodpecker, drongos, bulbuls, flowerpackers, crow, orioles, owl, alap-alap, oriental honey-buzzard and the other , (4) Lowland Forest: is necessary area for oriental pied hornbill, wreathed hornbill, tiong, elang paok, forest pigeon and other birds.

Hiking the trails to explore the park ; (1) Tegal Blunder Trail (2) Gunung Klatakan Trail (3) Prapat Agung Peninsula Trail  ; Mangrove Tour hiking ; Snorkeling and diving in Menjangan Island

How to get there

From Denpasar take a 5 hour drive to Cekik, western part of Bali. From Banyuwanggi (Eastern part of Java) take a fery to Gilimanuk seaport.






Contact :

Bali Barat National Park Office. Jl. Raya Gilimanuk, Denpasar.

Telp./Fax. : +62(365)61060

Website :

E-mail: fb: Taman Nasional Bali Barat

twitter: @balibarat